Important things in life

1  出来ない事に目を向けるのではなく、できる事に目を向けて生きる

To focus on what you can do, not what you cannot do

2  自分には無限の可能性があると信じること

To believe that you have unlimited possibilities

3   変えれることは、変える努力をして、変えられないことは、受け入れること

To do your best on what you can do, while accepting what you cannot do

4   出来ないことは、出来ないと割り切り、人に委ねること

To give up on things you cannot do and ask others to do them

5   いつも希望を持つこと

To hold onto your hope

6    試練にあったら、なぜこんな試練に合うのですかと不満を言うのでなく、この試練から 何を学ぶのですかと祈ること

When you are faced with a challenge, you pray and ask what you can learn from this, in front of griping what you are faced with that challenge

7    向上心を失わないこと

Not to give up on improving

8   自分の使命を考えて、行動すること

To think what your mission is and act in accordance with it

9   新しい事に挑戦する勇気を、いつも持つこと

To keep up the courage to challenge new things

10   疲れたら、休む事  無理は禁物

To rest when you are tired. Don’t strain yourself

11    不平、不満を言わなく、みずから行動すること

Show with your action, not with gripes or complaints

12    生かされていることに感謝すること

To be thankful that you are alive

13  人のためにいきること(社会に貢献すること)

To live for others (to contribute to society)

14  人を愛すること

To love people

15  自分で自分のことを尊い存在だと思うこと

To think you are a precious being



How to live


To think you are the one and only precious person and live a life of yours without compared with lives of others


To forget what you have erred, not to be dragged down by negative feelings


Not to underestimate your abilities


To carry out things you like, believing that you can achieve them


When hit by negative feelings, such as  loneliness or sadness, turn your attention to other things – such as listening to music


To believe that, if you can’t do it today, you can do it sometime


To try to accomplish something many times even if you have failed to do so


To become interesting in everything


Not to give up even if you fail to achieve it in your first try


To think everything positively



Failures make a success. Do not give up.


Do not feel pessimistic and live a life giving hope to other people.


To believe that there should be a way out of difficulties


To keep up your hope


When you have dementia, there are many things you grow unable to do. But there are also many things you can do.


To live a life of your own, not a life of someone else


To realize that life comes with difficulties


To think that challenges help you grow as a person


To think that your humanity grows with challenges. To live a life without regrets, even if you make a mistake


To live a life without regrets, even if that comes with risks



To ask others to do things you cannot do yourself


Not to wish for something you can’t have


To be content with the way it is


To work hard without overburdening yourself


To believe that you can get anything done


To help others without asking for credit; don’t live for a glory


To be thankful that you are alive everybody


Not to make the same mistakes


To think positively about everything


Not to fret



To turn your attention away if negative feelings try to control you


To think of living for others when you run up against a wall


Never to give up hope


To believe that good things will happen soon


To take the opinions of others in stride


Not to intrude on other people’s lives


To take responsibility for your actions


To never question your own decision. Believe that your decision is the best way forward


To take responsibility for your decisions and not to blame others for them


To focus on something fun when you are hit by negative feelings



It’s easier to do something than worrying about it. See what happens


Not to worry too much in advance


To think that a bad event is always followed by something good


To turn your thoughts into words


Not to worry too much. When it happens, it happens


Not to fall into a spiral of negativity


Not to make yourself a tragic hero


Change your perspective and mindset when you run up against a wall


Not to fret over small things


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